Coverage: “Fake Geeks, Go Away?”

My latest video Fake Geeks, Go Away? has gotten some press!  It’s a topic that I’m very passionate about so I’m really happy to see all the discussion it’s created.  Thanks to Kotaku, io9, The Mary Sue, Geeks Are Sexy, FANgirl Blog, and all of you who have shared the video!

Kotaku: Questioning Male Cosplayer’s Geek Cred To Prove A Point

io9:  Investigative Journalist Uncovers the Fake Geek Boys on Comic Con

The Mary Sue:  Interviewer Swaps Usual Convention Questions To Find the Real Fake Geeks

Geeks Are Sexy:  A Satirical Report by Cosplayer Jennifer Landa

FANgirl Blog:  Jennifer Landa’s Fake Geek Takedown

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