San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Recap

It’s amazing how quickly San Diego Comic-Con comes and goes.  In the months leading up to the epic convention, I’m always filled with excitement, anticipation, and sleepless nights from costume preparation.  This year was no exception and just as quickly as it came, the whirlwind weekend was over!  There are so many things I love about SDCC.  Where else can you see George R.R. Martin enjoying a cocktail in the Hyatt bar or Robert Kirkman checking out collectibles on the convention floor?

Thankfully this year I was able to take time to hang out with friends.  Even if it’s a quick hug and hello as you’re running off to a panel, it’s always nice to see someone you know.  There were many highlights from my SDCC 2013 experience so here are some of those moments in picture form!

I was super excited to finally meet the woman who inspired my Miss Death Star & Millennium Falcon costumes…Robin Kaplan!  Robin (aka The Gorgonist) is an amazingly talented artist and after meeting her, I adore her even more!

I couldn’t resist buying Robin’s Star Destroyer Girl print.


And this Tea Rex print.  I love how delicately the T-Rex is holding the cup!


In honor of finally meeting Robin, I wore her Star Wars Cosplay Girls necklace just for the occasion.  To see more of Robin Kaplan’s art visit her website here or her Etsy shop here!


Right behind Robin’s booth was my friend Just Jenn!  While hanging out at the Hyatt, Jenn and I spotted George R.R. Martin sitting with a table full of women.  I tried not to be a creepy fan but I did find myself staring at him as he ate a delicious-looking sandwich.



(Photo via Denise Vasquez)

I also got a chance to meet up with some of my fellow Star Wars fangirls!  (And fanguy.)


Amanda Jean looking beautiful as ever wearing Her Universe‘s R2-D2 dress!



(Photo via Ruark Dreher)

Me with friend Ruark Dreher.  Ruark is wearing his awesome Imperial Officer uniform and I’m wearing a custom made Star Wars dress by Cake Shop Couture!



Speaking of Imperial Officers, I loved Elisa Teague‘s stylish twist on the uniform.



(Photo by Mishal Samman)

Elisa was one of my fellow “Tricks of the Trade” panelists along with Bonnie Burton, Ashley Eckstein and several other talented artists.  Many thanks to Denise Vasquez for having me be a part of this awesome panel!



I spotted a Han Solo in Carbonite cosplayer at the Steampunk meetup on Saturday!  To see all of my favorite Star Wars Costumes from SDCC 2013, check out my post on the Official Star Wars Blog!



Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!


What’s this?  What’s this? It’s Jack Skellington!


From the satin hood to the Police Box corset, I love everything about this Tardis dress.



Luigi’s nemesis, Waluigi, took his cart around the con.



Move over Ariel, this Ursula is the most glamorous sea witch under the sea.



I was surprised to see a Manny Pacquiao cosplayer walking outside the convention.  Random?  Perhaps.  But his resemblance to the famous boxer is uncanny!



YouTubers iJustine and her sister Jenna Ezarik did a signing at the So So Happy booth.  I was so excited to say hi and take a photo with them that I accidentally cut to the front of the line!   Oops!



I also got a chance to hang out (and interview) my hilarious YouTuber friend, Andre Meadows!



This year I decided to pay homage to Comic-Con by making a dress from comic books!  I used countless panels from my Star Wars comics to create this skirt and corset top.  All my accessories (bracelet, ring, & clutch) were decoupaged.  To complete the look I made a belt from blue duct tape.  No comic books were harmed in the making of this dress.  I used color copies instead!



Thanks for all the nerdy fun, San Diego Comic-Con!  Until we meet again next year!  | (• ◡•)|

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  1. August 21, 2013 / 6:24 am

    Oooh I am SO jealous you snagged one of the Cake Shop Couture dresses! I so desperately want the blue one but my student budget means I cannot afford it at the moment. 🙁 Love the green one on you!

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