A week before Halloween, I spotted the biggest Hello Kitty piñata I had ever seen.  It was seriously almost as tall as me!  As it proudly dangled from the party store’s fence, only one thought popped into my head…I must make a Hello Kitty piñata costume!  I headed home and immediately began researching the idea.  What I found were a lot of crafty ideas and a very handy video that I eventually used as my costume-making guide.

Originally, I wanted to make the entire costume out of paper mache (like my Miss Death Star skirt).  However I quickly scrapped that idea since I was short on time and I wanted the ability to sit down!  Making the piñata dress out of craft felt seemed like the best solution.  I picked up 2 yards of white felt and 2 1/2 yards of hot pink felt from the fabric store.  Then I bought a white leotard from American Apparel and a $5 skirt from Goodwill.  To imitate the look of a piñata, I cut long strips from the craft felt.  Then I cut 1-1 1/2 inch fringe into each strip.

Using a hot glue gun, I glued each strip around the arm of the leotard.  I continued this process until I had many rows of fringe on the sleeve.  I thought gluing would be a faster process than sewing but unfortunately it wasn’t.  Not to mention Tim Gunn would be horrified!  Several hours (and a few glue gun burns) later, the sleeves were finally done.  When I tried on the costume I became concerned.  I looked more like a Dancing With The Stars contestant than Hello Kitty!

¡Ay yay yay!  But since crafting is often about improvising, I modified the length and created a short sleeve.

I then used the excess fringe to create wrist warmers instead!

For Hello Kitty’s pink dress, I opted to sew the strips onto the skirt and leotard this time.  This method was much more efficient!

Making the piñata dress turned out to be a little more time-consuming than I had originally planned.  In fact, I spent so much time working on the dress, I had no time to make a head!  So I headed back to the party store and bought the Hello Kitty piñata that had caught my eye before.  Then…I beheaded Hello Kitty.

I tried on the head and thankfully it fit.  I suddenly felt like I was back in the character department at Disneyland!  For an authentic piñata look, I left the hook in and kept the “Made in Mexico” sticker on her ear.  As a Latina, I felt the sticker was pretty appropriate.  🙂

To match the color of my dress, I swapped out her paper bow for a craft felt bow I made.

For the final look, I wore white tights, white boots, and long, white gloves.

As a huge fan of Hello Kitty, I loved wearing this costume!  I might update the look and create Hello Kitty piñata feet for next time.  If only there was a Harmonyland in America that I could wear this too!  😉  I hope you guys had a fun Halloween!


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