Star Wars Celebration – Day 1

Gold Five to Red Leader, I’m in Orlando for Star Wars Celebration!  Besides getting the chance to see and experience all things Star Wars, I’m also doing on-camera hosting and blogging for!  I geeked when I saw the callsheet for today.  I felt so official seeing my name next to Nerdist’s Chris Hardwick and G4’s Chris Gore!


The first part of my day was spent inside the Star Wars Digital Studio where I got to interview Star Wars crafters and artists.  I fell in love with Linzy Busch’s adorkable Star Wars puppets that she makes herself.  How cute is this mini Yoda?!


Check out artist Ken Lashley’s Boba Fett sketch.  He drew this within a matter of minutes, right before my eyes!


I also crafted a Huttlet plush toy with Terri Hodges, learned how to fold an origami Jango Fett with Chris Alexander, and Katie Cook taught me how to draw!  Here is Katie’s Yoda (and his pet womp rat) along with the Yoda I drew.

Look how amazing Katie’s drawing (on the left) is!  I got a little carried away in drawing Yoda’s ears so mine ended up looking a little like Stitch.  Regardless, Katie was a great teacher and she’s such a talented artist.  I can’t wait for you guys to see the craft/DIY videos.  I had so much fun chatting with my fellow crafters and gawking at all their amazing artistry.  All the videos will be featured on and I’ll be sure to let you know when they’re up!  After a fun day of crafting/drawing demos, I walked around the con floor and saw some awesome cosplayers along the way.


It’s everyone’s favorite mog from Spaceballs, Barf!  May the schwartz be with you.


Utinni!  What a very tall Jawa!


“I find your lack of faith in the Miami Dolphins disturbing.”-Dolph Vader


Where else can you witness an impromptu Astromech Droid parade?!


Droid dance party!  This R2 unit (R7-C1) was also a boombox that played Katy Perry.


Listening to Warwick Davis talk about his experience working on Return of the Jedi was definitely a highlight.

Part of the fun of Celebration is asking for a picture and ending up getting Force-choked.


After a long (but fun) first day at the convention, I treated myself to a lobster dinner.  From where else, Red Lobster!  And since it was within walking distance from my hotel, it made the meal that much more enjoyable.  Not to mention their cheesy biscuits are addictive.


That’s a wrap on day 1 of Star Wars Celebration!  Tomorrow I’ll be checking out Seth Green’s Super Secret Star Wars Panel AND seeing Mark Hamill in person!  I’ll try to be cool when I see Mr. Hamill.  Just know that I’ll be freaking out on the inside.  Until tomorrow Star Wars super fans!  : )

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