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How-To: Zombie Head in a Jar

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Zombie 1

Halloween is almost upon us, so I wanted to make a spooky decoration for the frightening holiday.  I’ve seen a few versions of this craft online, but I gave it a zombie twist to celebrate the return of AMC’s The Walking Dead!  I was particularly inspired by The Governor‘s zombie head aquarium that was revealed in Season 3.

The Governor

Displaying a severed zombie head in your home is perfect for Halloween or if you just want to freak out your friends & family!  So to make your own “walker” in a jar, here’s what you’ll need:




Cardstock or Heavy Paper

Laminator (optional)



Plastic or Paper Bags

First you’ll need a jar.  Truthfully, it can be any size you want.  If you want to go more realistic, use a larger jar that’s the size of your head (about 5 gallons).  Or if you want a really strange effect, you can use a more narrow-shaped jar.  I got mine from Cost Plus but retail stores like Target or even thrift stores are a good place to look.

Glass Jar

Next, you’ll need to find your zombie image.  If you don’t have any walkers in your neck of the woods, you can find one online!  I found this zombie and it’s basically a flattened rendering of a 3D head. ( CLICK HERE to download the full size image.)  This is what I’d call a fresh faced zombie—he’s not 100% rotten but he’s on his way!  You can find more images like this by searching for a “3D face texture map”.

Zombie Texture

I recommend using cardstock or heavy paper to print out your zombie.  Ideally you’ll want the paper to be large enough to fill ¾ of the circumference of the jar.  This will give the head more of a 3D effect when it’s in the jar.  For my jar, I used an 11×17 piece of cardstock, and trimmed it down to about 7×17 to fit inside the jar.

You’ll also want to make sure your image is scaled to a realistic head size.  You can figure this out by measuring the distance between the eyes of your zombie.  Eyes are generally between 1-2 inches apart for most people.

Once everything is set up, print out your zombie.

Zombie Print Out

Then cut out around the shape of your zombie’s face.  Because of the shape of my jar, I also cut out 3 small v shapes at the top of his head.  This step is optional but I’ll explain more later.

cut out zombie

To make the paper more durable, I laminated the cardstock.


Now roll up the face and slip it into the jar.  Move the paper around to achieve the effect you want.

Folding Paper in Jar

This is where those v’s will come in handy.  Once the paper is inside the jar, bend the center v so that the forehead of your zombie slightly protrudes.  This will give it more a 3 dimensional look.

Folding V

Then stuff the jar with plastic or paper bags so that the picture remains flattened against the inside of the glass.

Plastic Bags

For a more hair-raising effect, you can use a wig or even human hair if you dare.  Place the hair in the jar and adjust it however you like.  The messier it looks, the better.  For those hard to reach places, use a screwdriver to move the hair around.


Close the lid…and you’re done!  This creepy décor will have your friends and family wondering what’s gotten into your head.

Front & Side Profile

✄ Happy crafting!  ✄

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DIY LEGO Boba Fett Clutch

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I recently saw this amazing LEGO clutch on Etsy and instantly fell in love.  The craftsmanship is admirable but since I’m trying to curb my shopaholic ways, I decided to make my own version of this clutch…with some Star Wars flair!  The design I came up with was inspired by Boba Fett’s helmet.  It’s a simple LEGO design and a subtle homage to my beloved Bounty Hunter.  I think it’s the perfect little clutch for any geek chic gal!



Green Clutch or Handbag (or a neutral colored clutch like black or white)

LEGO base plate

LEGOs (in green, red, black & gray)





Super Glue

Power Drill


Small Screws


To get started, you’ll want to find a clutch that is made from a sturdy and slightly thicker material.  I found this pleather clutch in downtown Los Angeles and was pleased at how well it matched my green LEGOs.  In fact, it even matched the LEGO version of Boba Fett!

TIP:  You can buy all kinds of LEGO bricks (in various quantities) off of ebay and BrickLink.   

Once you have your clutch, measure the area where you want your LEGO design to be.  For mine, I decided to cover the entire front of the flap.

Using your measurements, draw a stencil of the flap onto a piece of paper.  Then cut it out.

TIP:  Make your stencil slightly smaller than the area you’ll be covering.   Since you’re adding LEGOs on top of this plate, this will ensure that your finished LEGO design fits properly onto the flap.

Now trace your pattern onto the back of the LEGO plate, then cut it out.

TIP:  When cutting the LEGO plate, achieving a perfectly straight line can be tricky.  First, cut along your traced pattern.  Then flip the plate over and try to cut as closely to the studs as possible.  Don’t worry if some of the edges are a little rough.  Your LEGO design will cover those imperfections!

Now it’s time to create the LEGO design!  Using green, red, black, and gray LEGOs, create Boba’s helmet and visor.  Arrange the black legos in a wide T-shape.  Then add some red legos around the T-shape for the outer visor.  For the curvature in Boba’s helmet, place a few gray bricks on the bottom half of the red bricks.  Then cover the rest of the plate with green bricks.

TIP:  Remember how I told you not to worry about those rough edges?  Now is the time to cover them up!  Strategically place your LEGOs so that they slightly hang over the edges of the plate.  Since you’ll be gluing the bricks to the plate, each stud doesn’t have to be secured in a hole.

Once you’ve arranged your Boba Fett design, it’s time to super glue it!  Remove a few bricks at a time.  Add a small amount of glue onto the base plate and onto each LEGO itself.

TIP:  Take your time during the gluing process.  Super Glue bonds extremely quickly.  Once you glue that LEGO brick down, you won’t be able to get it off!  Also, Super Glue leaves a dull film on the LEGO so avoid getting any on top of the brick.

When you’ve finished your Mandalorian masterpiece, place it on the clutch and mark where you want the screws to go.

Use a power drill to drill a small hole through the bag and part of the plate.  Drill very slowly.  If you go too far you could drill a hole right through a LEGO!

Insert the screw into the hole, then use a small screwdriver to twist the screw into place.

Use as many screws as you think necessary to secure the plate onto the bag.

TIP:  If you don’t feel comfortable drilling, you can use utility Velcro to stick the plate onto the flap.  First Super Glue the Velcro onto the back of your LEGO plate.  Then on the front of your clutch, sew the other portion of Velcro.  Then stick the plate onto the front of your bag and voila!

Now you have a Bounty Hunter handbag that’s absolutely Fett-ching!  Happy crafting!  (◡‿◡✿)