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Making A Baby-8 (BB-8) Costume!

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Even before Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released in theaters, BB-8 was a star. His cuteness and big personality were undeniable, even though we had only seen him briefly in the film’s teasers and trailers. When he wheeled across the stage at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, he rolled right into the hearts of Star Wars fans like myself. So for my daughter’s first Halloween, I decided to pay homage to that adorable little ball droid and make her a BB-8 costume!


Making the costume was a bit of a challenge but in the end, I’m happy with the way it turned out! I used fleece white fabric for the bodice and the panels were created using craft felt. For the sake of time, I simply glued the panels onto the fleece bodice. I added detail using a gray fabric marker.

BB-8 Bodice

The trickiest part was making BB-8’s round soccer ball shape. I lined the costume with the same fleece fabric and then stuffed the bodice with poly-fil stuffing. I sewed elastic at the bottom which gave the bodice a more round shape.

BB-8 Elastic

For BB-8’s head, I used a styrofoam base and decorated it with different colored craft felt. His antennae are toothpicks!

IMG_2686 (1)

The best part about the costume was that it still fit 3 months later! After all my hard work, I wanted to get the most mileage out of it so little Baby-8 made a cameo appearance in my We Got Enemies video!

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 8.44.41 PM

I can’t believe how much Lucia has grown since last October. I’m hoping it will still fit for her first birthday. I would love to see Baby-8 one last time before we transition to a toddler Rey costume! 😉


If you make your own Baby-8 costume, I would love to see your creations! Please tag me on Twitter or Instagram @JenniferLanda. Happy crafting!

Star Wars Celebration Costume Roundup!

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There is nothing like Star Wars Celebration. Where else can fans gather once a year to experience all things Star Wars? From panels with Star Wars heroes like Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher to having a seat at the Mos Eisley Cantina, Celebration is heaven for any Star Wars fan. One of my favorite aspects of the con is seeing all the epic Star Wars costumes. It’s truly a place where creativity, craft, and originality abound! I couldn’t capture them all but here are some of my favorite costumes from Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim!




This cosplayer glued foam pieces to a walker, thus creating this clever Imperial Walker.

Imperial Walker



A ferociously cute take on that infamous creature from Hoth.

Lil' Wampa



Apparently bounty hunters don’t like having their picture taken…

Bounty Hunters



Jabba’s dancers bask in their moment of freedom from the Hutt.

Twi'lek & Greeata Jendowanian



By the end of Star Wars Celebration, I felt a little like this guy.

Death Trooper



This cosplayer took a more feminine approach to her Ewok costume. It’s Yub Nub chic!




In other Endor news…you can’t repel cuteness of this magnitude.

Baby Ewok\


This costume was operated by two cosplayers on stilts inside the AT-AT’s legs. It was pretty incredible watching the AT-AT slowly walk through the crowd. The best part was when a tiny Luke Skywalker (attached to a tow cable) lowered from the belly of the AT-AT!




A fun mashup of Star Wars and Batman’s villains, Harley Quinn and the Joker. The only person who doesn’t seem to be enjoying himself is Bat-Jabba.

Harley & Joker



Even in the Galactic Empire, friendship is magic.

MLP Troopers



The Rebel Alliance’s secret weapon? Adorable baby pilots.

Baby Rebel Pilot



Because it’s never too early to introduce your child to the awesomeness of Star Wars.

Leia & Han with baby



Families that cosplay together, stay together.

Luke, Artoo, Leia



Ee chee wa maa! This giant LEGO Wicket is going to haunt my dreams.




The Justice League, Star Wars style.

Superhero Mandalorians



Move over Buzz Lightyear, there’s a new “space ranger” in town and he wields the power of the Force.

Woody Kenobi



The Mos Eisley Cantina set was well-guarded thanks to the awesome, Amanda Jean.

Amanda Jean Trooper



I first saw the Muppet Troopers at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando. Needless to say, I screamed like an Animal.

Muppet Troopers


Actress Milynn Sarley is so beautiful, she makes Barf look good!




Doesn’t everyone deserve the chance to join the Empire?

Short Stormtrooper



If you don’t feel like wearing a costume, this is the perfect way to make a Star Wars fashion statement.

Star Wars Mom & Daughter



A stylish and original take on Han Solo’s costume from A New Hope, complete with a Chewie backpack!

Hanna Solo 1 Hanna Solo 2



Clothing Designer Linda Heredia fights the Empire in style! She handmade her Rebel pilot jumper and her helmet purse was custom made by a friend.

Pinup Rebel Pilot

My San Diego Comic-Con 2012 Experience!

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For me, San Diego Comic-Con is a sensory overload.  A sensory overload of awesomeness that is!  It’s only now (a week later) that I’m starting to process everything I saw and experienced.  Whew!  Here are some of my highlights from the con!

Cosplaying as the Millennium Falcon

When I decided to make my Millennium Falcon skirt, I had no idea what a challenge it’d be.  It was one of the most difficult craft projects I’ve ever worked on.  During the construction process I began to worry…would people think I’m crazy for wearing a foam starship around my waist?!  I put those thoughts aside and kept plugging away, hoping that it would all come together.  Amazingly, it did!  When I hit the convention floor, I couldn’t believe the response.  It was overwhelming!  Since the convention, my skirt has been featured on some sites like Bit Rebels, io9, Technabob, & On Wednesdays We Wear Pink!  I’m so thankful that everyone got a kick out of my “hunk of junk”.  <happy R2-D2 sound>  To read more on how I constructed my Millennium Falcon skirt, check out my post on The Star Wars Blog!

501st Legion Photoshoot
The 501st Legion is a group of talented people who create screen-accurate costumes. In the words of it’s founder Albin Johnson, the 501st is, “a worldwide costuming club that dresses in costumes of the Galactic Empire and associated ‘bad guy’ characters.”  They also organize and attend charity events in costume which makes them even more awesome!  Every year at Comic-Con the 501st members come together to do a group photoshoot.  This year I was invited to check out the shoot by my dear friend Elton Hom (who is also a member of the 501st).  He knew I’d be cosplaying as Miss Death Star that day so he thought it’d be fun if I stop by.  Seeing so many of my favorite Star Wars characters (Stormtroopers, Tusken Raiders, Darth Vaders, etc.) all in one place was a little mind-blowing.

Miss Death Star & Tatooine’s finest!


The details and craftsmanship on their costumes were like nothing I’ve ever seen before.  They looked straight out of the Star Wars films!  Not to mention all the 501st members I met were so incredibly nice and a lot of fun to hang out with!

Photo via TK 6682


I even had the honor of meeting the Supervising Director of Star Wars:  The Clone Wars, Dave Filoni!

Photo via Elton Hom


I didn’t think the day could get any better until the members let me photobomb their group shot!  UH-MAZING.  I swear I had to pinch myself and ask, “is dis real life?”  Thank you guys for letting me crash the party!

Photo via Lesley Farquhar


Fun fact:  I didn’t want to be late to the photo shoot so I had to be driven to the convention center in costume.  Only problem is, I can’t sit down in the Death Star skirt!  Instead I had to crouch down on all fours in the backseat of my car.  I can only imagine what onlookers must have thought as we drove by!


Her Universe “Geek Girl Trendsetters” Panel
I’m obsessed with the Her Universe clothing line.  They make some of the best geeky (Star Wars, BSG, Doctor Who) clothing & accessories for women.  Thanks to Her Universe, I don’t have to shop in the little boys section or alter an oversize tee to have a cool, geeky t-shirt.  So when I heard Her Universe and Ashley Eckstein (the creator of Her Universe) were hosting a panel at SDCC, I knew I had to go!  The panel was called “Are You A Geek Girl Trendsetter?” and included a fashion show/contest where fangirls could show off their geek chic outfits.  I wasn’t sure if I would enter the contest but after some encouragement from friends, I put on my Millennium Falcon skirt and headed to the panel.  I was immediately relieved when I saw the lovely Amy Ratcliffe and my favorite cosplayer Victoria Schmidt, who had both entered the fashion show as well.

Amy Ratcliffe (@amy_geek) wearing an R2-D2 inspired skirt


Victoria Schmidt (@scruffyrebel) in her Dr. Who inspired ensemble


I also saw my friend and hero, Bonnie Burton!  Bonnie is the author of The Star Wars Craft Book and she’s the host of Geek DIY, a new craft show on Stan Lee’s YouTube channel.  (You gotta check it out!  It’s so much fun to watch.)  While waiting with the other 24 contestants, I admired everyone’s outfits—there were decoupaged accessories, a parasoled Captain America, a dress made from Star Wars bedsheets and even R2-D2 inspired shoes.  Here are some of the fabulous creations I saw:

Super Mario Bros. Piranha Plant cocktail dress by Lindz


Amy’s hand-painted R2-D2 Tom’s


Geek girl trendsetters


I always love Amanda Jean’s geek chic style!


Amanda’s lil’ Chewie hair clip!


Star Wars dress & purse made from vintage bedsheets!


The judges for the Her Universe panel were:  jewelry designer Tarina Tarantino, senior buyer for Hot Topic Ed Labay, social media manager for Hot Topic Courtney Lear, actress Jaime King, actress Clare Grant, and author/geek extraordinaire Bonnie Burton.

We all modeled our geeky ensembles and shared our inspirations for our outfits.  As each girl showed off her creation, I was in awe of the talent and craftsmanship that went into each design.  So imagine my surprise when I took 1st place!  I was totally shocked and completely honored that the panelists liked my Millennium Falcon skirt.  Squee!

The Top 6 Finalists


Not only did I win a bag full of Tarina Tarantino jewelry and giftcards to Michael’s & Hot Topic, I even got to be interviewed for MTV Geek!

Me with Ashley Eckstein & Cat Taber!


The whole experience was surreal.  Getting the chance to meet Ashley Eckstein, Catherine Taber (voice of Padme Amidala on The Clone Wars) and so many talented, crafty gals at the panel was definitely a highlight for me.

This year’s Comic-Con was more exciting and memorable than I could have ever imagined.  My only regret is that I didn’t get to check out more panels!  However I met some great new friends and reconnected with some of my old friends too.

One of my best friends, Stephanie Thorpe!


I’m so grateful to be a part of a community that is fun, supportive, and inspiring to be around.  If you want to see some of the photos I took at this year’s con, check out my cosplay roundup on The Star Wars Blog or my album on Flickr!  Thank you SDCC!  I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year!