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‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Meets Day of the Dead

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Every year on May 4th, fans celebrate International Star Wars Day by throwing parties, wearing their best Star Wars gear, occasionally dancing in the street, and of course, watching the famous saga. We also say, “May the fourth be with you” because, let’s be honest, it’s such a great pun! The month of May has been an important month for Star Wars fans since the original film was released on May 25, 1977. In fact, all of the first 6 Star Wars films were released in May. (It also happens to be the birthday month of the Maker himself, George Lucas.)

Opening day at Grauman's Chinese Theater, May 25 1977

Opening day at Grauman’s Chinese Theater, May 25 1977

I always look forward to May 4th because I love seeing all the artwork, crafts, and videos creators make in honor of this special day. This year, one of my favorite artists, John Karpinsky, has released a new Día de los Muertos collection inspired by The Force Awakens. Just in time for Star Wars Day! After watching The Force Awakens, John said he was inspired to start creating again and boy, am I glad he did! A few years ago my husband surprised me with 13 of John’s prints from his Guerra de las Galaxias collection and I’ve been a fan of John’s ever since! Here is some artwork from his previous collection:


I think John’s work is a wonderful blend of American culture and Mexican culture. It means a lot to me as a Mexican-American Star Wars fan. Death can be a scary thought but Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is actually a celebration of life. The holiday is a chance to celebrate the lives of family members and friends who have passed. In some ways, it’s a holiday that unifies opposite emotions—the sadness you feel when you lose someone you love and the happiness you remember when they were alive. Star Wars also unifies opposites—the dark side and the light side of the Force—as it’s characters try to achieve balance between the two in both themselves and the galaxy. Like Día de los Muertos, Star Wars also deals with life and death and shows that if you’re a Jedi, your spirit might live on in the form of a Force ghost. Coincidentally, the belief in ghosts and spirits is also a part of Mexican culture.


In my mind, John’s artwork captures both the spirit of Star Wars and Day of the Dead beautifully. His work represents the juxtaposition between the dark and the light which was also a theme in The Force Awakens. John Karpinsky’s new ‘Force Collection’ is a set of prints that features the stars of Episode VII—Rey, Finn (FN-2187), Poe Dameron, and BB-8.

Rey_Day of the Dead

Rayo de Luz/Ray of Light


Finn Day of the Dead

El Traidor/The Traitor


Poe Dameron Day of the Dead

Guerrero Alado/Winged Warrior


Diablo Hilatura/Spinning Devil

Diablo Hilatura/Spinning Devil

Every time I saw The Force Awakens in the theater, the crowd laughed and cheered when BB-8 gave his lighter thumbs up. It’s definitely one of my favorite moments from the film and I love that John paid homage to it and included a special little detail.

BB-8 lighter thumbs up

I’m absolutely in love with these prints. Their colors are so vivid and it’s fun to sit and look at all the ornate details in each one. A huge thank you to John Karpinsky for sending me this set! I can’t wait to frame them and proudly display them in my home! This new era of Star Wars has been an exciting time for all of us fans and I look forward to the many new creative works it will continue to inspire. Be sure to check out John Karpinsky’s Etsy shop to see more of his incredible work and/or to purchase 8×10’s or limited edition 12×12’s of these prints! You can also learn more about John and his story HERE. May the Fourth be with you! 😀

Geeky Glamorous Art Show

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It was a Saturday night and the JapanLA store on Melrose was packed with people.  The DJ was mixing beats, the grilled cheese truck was serving cheesy goodness, and I was wearing my Black Milk Stormtrooper dress just for the occassion.  😉  The event was the Geeky Glamorous Art Show, a celebration of geek girls through art & fashion.  Mandie Bettencourt organized the event and is also the creator of the Geeky Glamorous brand.  Mandie is super sweet, has incredible style, and is a strong supporter of her fellow artists/crafters.  So when she asked if I wanted to participate in the show, I was honored and so excited!


When I walked into the gallery on opening night, I instantly fell in love with every piece of art I saw.  If only I could collect them all!

Geeky Pamyu Pamyu by Chingyi Liu



KaMeow by Locketship


Wonder Woman by Hanie Mohd 


My Date with the Doctor by Misha (top)   Chikuwaemil by Virtual Girl (bottom)



Nostalgia by Lazarus

The frame was decorated with action figures & toys!



In addition to the paintings/prints/sketches, there were also wearable pieces on display as well!

Geeky Glamorous Controller Necklaces



Pinup Peach BitRom necklaces by Okeegu


There she is!  Miss Millennium Falcon.  I decided to display the skirt (which I made for last year’s SDCC) and create a few new accessories for the show.  I wanted her to look as geeky and glamorous as possible!

I revamped the X-Wing hair clip and attached it to a sparkly headband I made.

I also created a glitter resin Millennium Falcon necklace and matching bracelet.  These two pieces are part of my Glitter Galaxy Collection, which I’ll be selling in my Etsy shop soon!


It was neat to see how many people came out to support geek girls, Mandie, and all the artists!


Stephanie aka @zilla308 (and her uh-mazing hair) cast a spell on this muggle!



The ever stylish Chrissa Villanueva modeling Lazy Oaf‘s Batman dress



Super Kawaii!




Me with Mandie, the hostess of the evening



Cassie & Keith (who decorated his tie with glow in the dark stickers!)



Angie as Link (The Legend of Zelda)



The lovely Set to Stunning team, Victoria Schmidt & Lindz



Ashphord Jacoway & my favorite YouTuber Andre Meadows!



Thank you Mandie for all of your hard work and for organizing such a special event!!  (And be sure to check out LA Weekly’s awesome article about the show!)  The exhibit runs though the month of February, so if you’re in the LA area, stop by JapanLA to check it out!  And if you’re a fan of Hello Kitty, you might just leave with a few trinkets as well.  😉

Geekette out! *


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