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The 2013 Geekie Awards!

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When it comes to awards shows, there’s only one place you can see the Joker fighting Hawkeye and R2-D2 rolling on the red carpet—The Geekie Awards!   The 1st annual Geekie Awards was held on August 18th at The Avalon Theater in Hollywood.  The multi-talented Kristen Nedopak created the show, “to give indie ‘geekmakers’ a place to shine and be seen by leaders and experts in their respective industries.”  I was honored to have been a Geekie judge for both the Arts & Crafts category and the Epic Cosplay Contest that was held online.

When Kristen first told me about the Geekies, I had no idea the mega-awesome show it would become!  Throughout the pre-show process, Kristen’s passion, enthusiasm, and genuine love for all things geek was admirable.  With her superhero work ethic and the help of a talented team, Kristen made the Geekie Awards show a huge success!  I attended the sold out live show and had an absolute blast.  This was an awards show unlike any other.  The stage featured the Starship Enterprise D Bridge, where guests before the show could sit in the Captain’s chair!  3D Cube printers served as table centerpieces and printed rockets & robots throughout the night.  The show itself was fun, entertaining, and a celebration of many talented artists & creators.  So without further ado, here are some of my photos from the festivities!


Alison Haislip was the official host of the show and the event was broadcast live via Ustream. Haislip was witty, sassy, and the perfect emcee for the night.


Seth Green presented Stan Lee with the Lifetime Achievement Award.


As part of his acceptance speech, Lee sang an Ode to Geeks to the tune of “Yankee Doodle Dandy”.


Grant Imahara got #VandalEyes from fellow presenter, Bonnie Burton!


Best Geekie Art/Craft winner The Pumpkin Geek.


An exciting moment was seeing the Slumber Con promo on the big screen during the commercial break!


Andre Meadows did a little dance while singing a song to the sponsors (composed by George Shaw).


Cosplayers like Shea Standefer (as Daeneryrs Targaryen) appeared onstage as award bearers.


Geekies Creator/Executive Producer, Kristen Nedopak, gave a shout out to her mom!


Alison Haislip raised her glass to a successful show!


On the red carpet with my friend (and Slumber Con partner), Stephanie Thorpe!


Each VIP table had a Cubify 3D printer that made a Geekie memento which guests could take home!


Wingardium Leviosa! A Harry Potter pumpkin carved by the Pumpkin Geek.


My buddy & favorite YouTuber Andre Meadows of Black Nerd Comedy!


Dina Kampmeyer in her stunning Maleficent cosplay.


In honor of the special occasion, I made a gold R2-D2 clutch and wore my LEGO Ewok earrings.


Thanks Kristen Nedopak and the entire Geekie team for a night to remember!  For more photos and video from the show, be sure to check out The Geekie Awards Facebook page!


2013 Geekie Awards Winners:

Best Geekie Arts & Crafts:  “One Pumpkin to Rule Them All…” by The Pumpkin Geek

Best Geekie Comics & Graphic Novel:  COLONUS

Best Geekie Crowdfunded:  The Goon (on Darkhorse Comics)

Best Geekie Podcast:  A Podcast of Ice and Fire

Best Geekie Retail Store & Website:  The Nerd Machine

Best Geekie Short Film:  Undying Love

Best Geekie One Shot:  The Record Keeper for

Best Geekie Web Series:  Cosplay Piano

Best Toys & Games:  Takenoko

San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Recap

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It’s amazing how quickly San Diego Comic-Con comes and goes.  In the months leading up to the epic convention, I’m always filled with excitement, anticipation, and sleepless nights from costume preparation.  This year was no exception and just as quickly as it came, the whirlwind weekend was over!  There are so many things I love about SDCC.  Where else can you see George R.R. Martin enjoying a cocktail in the Hyatt bar or Robert Kirkman checking out collectibles on the convention floor?

Thankfully this year I was able to take time to hang out with friends.  Even if it’s a quick hug and hello as you’re running off to a panel, it’s always nice to see someone you know.  There were many highlights from my SDCC 2013 experience so here are some of those moments in picture form!

I was super excited to finally meet the woman who inspired my Miss Death Star & Millennium Falcon costumes…Robin Kaplan!  Robin (aka The Gorgonist) is an amazingly talented artist and after meeting her, I adore her even more!

I couldn’t resist buying Robin’s Star Destroyer Girl print.


And this Tea Rex print.  I love how delicately the T-Rex is holding the cup!


In honor of finally meeting Robin, I wore her Star Wars Cosplay Girls necklace just for the occasion.  To see more of Robin Kaplan’s art visit her website here or her Etsy shop here!


Right behind Robin’s booth was my friend Just Jenn!  While hanging out at the Hyatt, Jenn and I spotted George R.R. Martin sitting with a table full of women.  I tried not to be a creepy fan but I did find myself staring at him as he ate a delicious-looking sandwich.



(Photo via Denise Vasquez)

I also got a chance to meet up with some of my fellow Star Wars fangirls!  (And fanguy.)


Amanda Jean looking beautiful as ever wearing Her Universe‘s R2-D2 dress!



(Photo via Ruark Dreher)

Me with friend Ruark Dreher.  Ruark is wearing his awesome Imperial Officer uniform and I’m wearing a custom made Star Wars dress by Cake Shop Couture!



Speaking of Imperial Officers, I loved Elisa Teague‘s stylish twist on the uniform.



(Photo by Mishal Samman)

Elisa was one of my fellow “Tricks of the Trade” panelists along with Bonnie Burton, Ashley Eckstein and several other talented artists.  Many thanks to Denise Vasquez for having me be a part of this awesome panel!



I spotted a Han Solo in Carbonite cosplayer at the Steampunk meetup on Saturday!  To see all of my favorite Star Wars Costumes from SDCC 2013, check out my post on the Official Star Wars Blog!



Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!


What’s this?  What’s this? It’s Jack Skellington!


From the satin hood to the Police Box corset, I love everything about this Tardis dress.



Luigi’s nemesis, Waluigi, took his cart around the con.



Move over Ariel, this Ursula is the most glamorous sea witch under the sea.



I was surprised to see a Manny Pacquiao cosplayer walking outside the convention.  Random?  Perhaps.  But his resemblance to the famous boxer is uncanny!



YouTubers iJustine and her sister Jenna Ezarik did a signing at the So So Happy booth.  I was so excited to say hi and take a photo with them that I accidentally cut to the front of the line!   Oops!



I also got a chance to hang out (and interview) my hilarious YouTuber friend, Andre Meadows!



This year I decided to pay homage to Comic-Con by making a dress from comic books!  I used countless panels from my Star Wars comics to create this skirt and corset top.  All my accessories (bracelet, ring, & clutch) were decoupaged.  To complete the look I made a belt from blue duct tape.  No comic books were harmed in the making of this dress.  I used color copies instead!



Thanks for all the nerdy fun, San Diego Comic-Con!  Until we meet again next year!  | (• ◡•)|

DIY LEGO Boba Fett Clutch

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I recently saw this amazing LEGO clutch on Etsy and instantly fell in love.  The craftsmanship is admirable but since I’m trying to curb my shopaholic ways, I decided to make my own version of this clutch…with some Star Wars flair!  The design I came up with was inspired by Boba Fett’s helmet.  It’s a simple LEGO design and a subtle homage to my beloved Bounty Hunter.  I think it’s the perfect little clutch for any geek chic gal!



Green Clutch or Handbag (or a neutral colored clutch like black or white)

LEGO base plate

LEGOs (in green, red, black & gray)





Super Glue

Power Drill


Small Screws


To get started, you’ll want to find a clutch that is made from a sturdy and slightly thicker material.  I found this pleather clutch in downtown Los Angeles and was pleased at how well it matched my green LEGOs.  In fact, it even matched the LEGO version of Boba Fett!

TIP:  You can buy all kinds of LEGO bricks (in various quantities) off of ebay and BrickLink.   

Once you have your clutch, measure the area where you want your LEGO design to be.  For mine, I decided to cover the entire front of the flap.

Using your measurements, draw a stencil of the flap onto a piece of paper.  Then cut it out.

TIP:  Make your stencil slightly smaller than the area you’ll be covering.   Since you’re adding LEGOs on top of this plate, this will ensure that your finished LEGO design fits properly onto the flap.

Now trace your pattern onto the back of the LEGO plate, then cut it out.

TIP:  When cutting the LEGO plate, achieving a perfectly straight line can be tricky.  First, cut along your traced pattern.  Then flip the plate over and try to cut as closely to the studs as possible.  Don’t worry if some of the edges are a little rough.  Your LEGO design will cover those imperfections!

Now it’s time to create the LEGO design!  Using green, red, black, and gray LEGOs, create Boba’s helmet and visor.  Arrange the black legos in a wide T-shape.  Then add some red legos around the T-shape for the outer visor.  For the curvature in Boba’s helmet, place a few gray bricks on the bottom half of the red bricks.  Then cover the rest of the plate with green bricks.

TIP:  Remember how I told you not to worry about those rough edges?  Now is the time to cover them up!  Strategically place your LEGOs so that they slightly hang over the edges of the plate.  Since you’ll be gluing the bricks to the plate, each stud doesn’t have to be secured in a hole.

Once you’ve arranged your Boba Fett design, it’s time to super glue it!  Remove a few bricks at a time.  Add a small amount of glue onto the base plate and onto each LEGO itself.

TIP:  Take your time during the gluing process.  Super Glue bonds extremely quickly.  Once you glue that LEGO brick down, you won’t be able to get it off!  Also, Super Glue leaves a dull film on the LEGO so avoid getting any on top of the brick.

When you’ve finished your Mandalorian masterpiece, place it on the clutch and mark where you want the screws to go.

Use a power drill to drill a small hole through the bag and part of the plate.  Drill very slowly.  If you go too far you could drill a hole right through a LEGO!

Insert the screw into the hole, then use a small screwdriver to twist the screw into place.

Use as many screws as you think necessary to secure the plate onto the bag.

TIP:  If you don’t feel comfortable drilling, you can use utility Velcro to stick the plate onto the flap.  First Super Glue the Velcro onto the back of your LEGO plate.  Then on the front of your clutch, sew the other portion of Velcro.  Then stick the plate onto the front of your bag and voila!

Now you have a Bounty Hunter handbag that’s absolutely Fett-ching!  Happy crafting!  (◡‿◡✿)


Jennifer at San Diego Comic-Con 2013

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If you’re heading to San Diego Comic-Con this year, be sure to check out our “Tricks of the Trade” panel!  I’m so proud to be a part of this amazing panel.  Please come by and say hi!


WHEN:  Friday July 19th @ 5:30-7pm

WHERE:  Room 2

Are you an aspiring actor, artist, writer, filmmaker… trying to make a career in the arts?  Come learn the “Tricks of the Trade” from professionals working in the entertainment industry.  Discussions will include advice on how to get started and maintain a career, do’s & don’ts, tips in the art of self promotion & more.


Why I Dance For Star Wars

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Let it be known—I’m not a dancer.  At least not a professional one.  But I never let that stop me from dancing around Los Angeles!  So when this year’s Star Wars Day approached, I knew I had to take another shot at dancing in honor of The Wars.  I danced in Union Station for last year’s Star Wars Day and it was a little crazy but a lot of fun.  A couple months ago, I came across an amazing remix of John Williams’ “Binary Sunset” by a group called Coyote Kisses.  Their “Binary Suns” is an incredible song and after listening to it nonstop, I knew that this was the track I had to dance to.